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The Kynaatt ProjectKýnaatt-Hakexćo

Other Information

Usage Rights:

Kynaatt, the flag of Kynaatt, and The Kynaatt Project are protected under Creative Commons Non-Commercial Non-Derivative License (CC-NC-ND), and no works found on this site can be modified and republished, or sold without explicit permission from Bryson Schnaitmann or The Kynaatt Project.

It is important to note that within the Kynaatt dictionary, individual words are permitted to be used under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (CC-BY-SA) license, and are therefore open for individuals to use for their works in an unofficial capacity. Due to this, the works created by individuals seeking to utilize the Kynaatt language's words and material within the Ninth Edition Dictionary must acquire written permission from Bryson Schnaitmann or The Kynaatt Project in order to create a monetizable product. Please fill out the Commercial Usage Permission form.

If you plan to use Kynaatt in everyday conversation, please feel free to do so. Bryson Schnaitmann and The Kynaatt Project have waived any intellectual protections on this usage since Kynaatt is a language designed for interpersonal use.

If you plan to use Kynaatt to translate something, but not make money from it, please feel free to receive an acknowledgement from us with our Non-Commercial Usage Acknowledgement form. Nothing in this category can be protected under anything more or less than CC-BY-SA license and all works must reference Bryson Schnaitmann in a clear and easy to find way.

If you plan to use Kynaatt to translate something novel, and make money from it, please fill out the Commercial Usage Permission form if you plan to restrict the work to anything further than a CC-BY-SA license.

Restricting the language and its works any further would not allow for people to use the language and spread its use. Therefore, this project allows for you to create your own works and creations from these sources and contribute to the greater language of Kynaatt. The Kynaatt Project is dedicated to spreading and encouraging use of Kynaatt, including in Commercial settings that will not net The Kynaatt Project any monetary gain, and therefore we wish to make it as easy as we can for you to create your own works. Our protections on the works on this website are specifically to protect the structure of the Kynaatt language as the regulatory committee thereof, and to prevent others from plagiarizing works found on this website that are created by a collection of individuals to incorrectly represent the Kynaatt language.

New words: Words can be coined by you, however unless they are explicitly added to the dictionary by us, they are unofficial.

New grammar rules: Grammar rules can be created by you, however unless they are added to the dictionary, they are not correct and works containing them will not be added to the official The Kynaatt Project website.

The Kynaatt Project acts as the regulatory comittee for the Kynaatt Language, just as many other languages have an official regulator or "Academy." Only works referenced on this website, or permitted by The Kynaatt Project to claim so, are official uses of Kynaatt and have been vetted for grammar and spelling.

Flag of Kynaatt Specifications

The flag of Kynaatt is utilized, as flags typically are used to represent a given language, to represent Kynaatt. If you wish to utilize this flag in any capacity (after obtaining written permission via email for commercial uses, or attributing The Kynaatt Project or Bryson Schnaitmann for non-commercial uses), please follow these guidelines:

  1. The flag has a base ratio of 2:1, however this ratio may change based on your use (for example in a roundel). No below values change if the ratio changes.
  2. The flag is divided into 4 equal horizontal bands of 2 different colors, the top and bottom bands being gold and the two central bands being red.
  3. A white circle appears in the center of the flag equidistant from all sides that's diameter is 80% of the height of the 2 red bands.
  4. The flag's color values:

            Hexadecimal: #FFC70E
            RGB: (255,199,14)
            Hexadecimal: #FE0002
            RGB: (254,0,2)
            Hexadecimal: #FFFFFF
            RGB: (255,255,255)

Bryson Schnaitmann
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